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Dream Runtime Analyzer


This tool (or rather, toolset) was made to help Furcadia DreamWeavers to test their dreams for bandwidth usage and optimize their DragonSpeak. It records various performance information on the dream using a Furcadia character and helps the dream owner find out which lines were executed the most, as well as their location within the DragonSpeak file.

Analyzer was based off of tools that were used to analyze the Lake Resort dream of Dragon's Eye Productions, and help them vastly improve its performance through this information.

Dream Runtime Analyzer provides the following features:
  • Allows to open raw existing data files collected by 3rd party means, as long as the contents are that of the Furcadia server.
  • Allows to capture raw data from the Furcadia server through a player character and save it to disk in a timestamped or raw form for later reference or distribution.
  • Allows timed captures that will last for as long as you set them to. The capture will stop by itself once the time runs out so you don't have to supervise it with a stopwatch.
  • Displays a list of DragonSpeak Binary lines as well as server instructions from the most frequent to the least frequent in a table.
  • Provides a means to load the DragonSpeak file of the analyzed dream and locate specific DSB lines within the actual DragonSpeak file for you.
  • Standalone .NET executable file that does not need to be installed or clutter your disk/registry with configuration files. It runs by itself and writes data to disk only if you ask it to.

System Requirements

FlashFurc requires the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher in order to run. Those should be available by default in an up-to-date Windows XP and higher. Try it! If it doesn't work, you may have to download a .NET redistributable package: .NET 2.0

Note: While you don't necessarily need Furcadia installed to use this program, it may be easier for use in an environment that already has Furcadia installed.

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